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Wednesday, February 2, 2011, @ 2:59 PM

Ohhh , Hey , Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
hee . Now its exactly 7.00am on the 3rd of Feb 2011 & im gona start my post .
Just got back from Malaysia though .
Didn went to school on Weds which is yesterday cause i was sick .
That afternoon @ 4 , met mum then went to Malaysia .
Firstly , my nephews suck up my mood .
2ndly , when we're like walking in the Mall , The "Malaysia 's MATS" are all staring at me like im the 1st Human Being to Exist in this world , PFFFFT ! I D I O T !
3rdly , we cant find a place to eat so we went to eat at Kenny Roger 's Roaster .
Kay , firstly , we went in to find a seat and that we found one .
Then suddenly , "THAT GIRL" cameby and asked , what would u like to eat , [in malay]
& i was like staring at her with the pokerface .
pfffftttt , you didn even gave us the menu & u freaking asked us what we wana eat ? GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !
Then , da gytu tkper ah .
I ordered this Tangy Chicken Pasta .
Waited then it arrived with just a SPOOOOON ?
So i didn like touch it & i acted as if i didn know my food was already in front of me .
Then the drinks arrrived and i ordered this jewel sumthing2 .
& when the waiter wanted to put my drink on the table , he spills like quarter of it on my pasta ,
That sucked up my mood even moreeeee .
So i got fucking mad and i didn even ate it .
Mum was trying to like wipe away those water in it .
Then mum asked the waiter for extra fork for me & at last , they didn even give the fork , fuck ! am i supposed to like use my hand or what ? !
Everybody was like enjoying my food while i had my sour face sitting like a stoned person , freaaaaaaaaaaaak !
Then when everyone had finished their meals , i purposely spoke up to the waiter who was at the next table , "ARE YOU LIKE WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS THEN YOU'LL TURN UP WITH THE EXTRA FORK ? !" [in malay]
Then mum asked again for the extra fork and at last , it CAME !
But then , i still didn ate my pasta , i mix it up like rojak , playplay then i taste abit , FUCK ! tasted so YUCKISH ! I was so darn mad bout the pasta thingy till i throw trantrum everywhere & i nearly push the plate of the table but mum stopped me , HAHAHAHA !
Then i dirtied the table , tooked the muffin , crumbled it then sprinkle over the table , pour all the coke into one glass which i really made a mess , tooked a handful of the pasta and place it to another plate , placed the dirty fork onto the table and swip it across the table which made the table even messy , squash the potato and all . Then when everyone had went off , which made me the last to leave , i turn over the pasta plate and went off & the waiter was like , thank you and havee a nice day to me , Then i was like , pffffffffffft , whatever . At the counter , i loudly spurred out , "FUCK ! FUCKING BAD SERVICE !"
Confirm when they see the table , they will be like , GOSHHHHHHHHHH ! WHAT A MESS !
LOL ! & whats important is , i've satisfy what i wanaa do ! KEKEKE ! SERVED THEM RIGHT FOR GIVING ME BAD SERVICE .
&& mum ignored what i did cause she know im a bad tempered and a rebellious kind of person & that stopping me wont do any gooods , LOL !
Kaykay , i'll end here , so tired lo .
Wana take a nap for awhile then have to proceed to changi airport for prac , hee .


♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 2:59 PM

Monday, January 31, 2011, @ 4:36 AM



♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 4:36 AM

@ 4:10 AM

For the sake of ALIP FELANI 'S BESTFRIEND ; Nadia Noah , I'll post this as much as how u want it to be ohkay hunnn . ;D
Actually i cant be bothered to entertain your type of person but since u need some sympathy , i'll provide you with those alright . If thats the way your gona treat me , trust me , i'll be twice as that ohkay . heeee . ^^ So firstly , i broke up with your DEAREST BESTFRIEND , ALIFF FELANI cause OUR RELATIONSHIP WAS GETTING RIDICULOUS . He hadnt been treating me well since an incident happened between us & i just dont understand why . But still , i gave him some chances . But it seems like he doesnt appreciate any of it so that is when i made the decision to broke up with him . Thats Number 1 . Secondly , It was particularly about STUDIES . I thought back and said , im just 14 going to 15 this year , too YOUNG to be in relationship & stuffs . That was my personally decision , he has to respect it . Dont tell me , Youre stating that , "OHHHHH , NOOOOOOOO ! U MUST AND NEVER BREAK UP WITH ALIP TILL YOU DEAD!!" That would be superb RIDICULOUS aint it ? LOL ! Alright , so , back to the first reason , he seems to not be contacting me & stuffs like how he used to previously . We fought at one time and that night , he told me , "Nehh , Forget about everything . I'll SAVE OUR RELATIONSHIP BLABLABLA..." But at last , what has he done ? N O T H I N G MAN ! He stays the same , waiting for me to make the first move & stuffs . Ohkay , lets move on to the part where you've said i NEVER HAD TIME FOR HIM & THAT WHAT SACRIFICES HAD I MADE FOR HIM . Firstly , i've told him that im gonna be busy with Schools , Tuitions , Extra Classes , CCA , Tournaments & Dance . Obviously i have no time on weekdays to meet him & im sure he understands it . But then , THOUGH IM BUSY ON WEEKENDS TOO , I STILL ASKED HIM TO COMEBY MY PRACTICE & SOMEHOW FETCH ME FROM MY DANCE & MOVE ON TO SOMEWHERE ELSES WHERE HE COULD SPENT TIME WITH ME ALONE , BUTBUT , he declined it , [nak step jual mahal uh kirekan] , saying , "NVM AHHHH , U GO WITH YOUR CREW AH." I mean whats his motive of saying that ? I bukannyer gy dance suke2 , i gy dance sebab i have performances to prepare for and stuffs . & bukannyer i suroh dier dtg , dudok , tngk i joget bey balek kan ? SO who's fault is it now ? & at least i still made the effort to asked him out eventhough its just for a while . & at least i made the effort to asked him out . Then , haritu , when i tngh jln2 ngan my sis , i saw his favourite chocolates which made me thought about him . So i bought 2 decks of His favourite CADBURY Chocolate & i sanggop suroh dier jumper i lepas tu just to present him with those and spend a lil' time with him walaupon i tengah penat . Biler his ppd low , I topup for him . I kluar ngan dier , i blaje dier , dier nak fav chocolate dier , i belikan , dier lapar tkder duet , i kasi dier duet beli makan . Doesnt he told u any of those good deeds i've done for him ? I bet no kan sebab tu u nak byk tanyer i itu la , ini laa , smp peneng kepale i , ADOIII . Then , that time , on our 2nd monthsary , i sanggop dtg practice lambat just to prepare the things i wanted to gave him on our 2nd monthsary . Dier da janji nak jumper i but after all the sacrifices & feeling so excited to meet him , he eventually didn turn up . Only my crew members knows how disappointed i was at that point of time . But still , they tried to cheered me up . He appologised that night , & i did forgive him at that point of time cause what ? i dont wished to fought with him cause seriously , tkder makne . Then , we went as per normal , happily when suddenly i dapat tau pasal bende yg dier buat , that really made me go mad & that , he went to TAB Party a day after our 2rd Monthsary without telling me sampai i dpt tau through photos . In the first place , i nak tanye , why must he lied to me ? He could have just told me what . Telling the truth is WAYWAY better than Telling LIES , am i right to say that ? That was when , i got really freaking mad with him . I didn want to talk to him for a few days & he was bugging me to forgive him . After giving some thought , i told myself that , its so useless for me to continue the conflict with him . So i decide to gave him another chance . Like what people said , Forgive & forget , kankan ? ^^ && oh yahhh , fyi , i paleng pantang kalau tngk mataer i ader byk kwn perempuan , i mean , kalau u pon , obviously u pon jealous kan ? If not , u gotta by lying man , LOL ! Sebab tu , kadangkadang i tngk wall alip , macam2 ader , ni pmpn , tu pmpn , Saket hati i . But though , i refuse to told alip about it cause obviously , alip would just go on and say , "SILLY GIRL!" Booohoooo . ); & pleaseee , i know You , ALIP & Co thinks that i felt nothing after we broke up . Nehhhh , though i look macam i tkder any feelings or what , or i seems to be acting so normal , i think u guys are so wrong . I mean , NO ONE COULD EVER READ OR KNOW A PERSON 'S TRUE FEELING kan ? Thinking that im happy was an ASSUMPTIONS & GUESSES . Seriously , im so upset about it but he leaves me with no choice . "I'LL SAVE OUR RELATIONSHIP.." Goshhh , that phrase really means nothing man , Like seriously , NOTHING . So i think i've done my part . && yahhh , I nak remind u ; Every human Beings ader feelings , so i hope u tk payah nak purposely post2 bende pasal i pat wall alip or whosever wall kay . U suker kalau i buat gytu dekat u ? Obviously not kan ? So yeahhh , i hope u UNDERSTOOD . :D Sorry if im too informal but this is just the way i am , OPENMINDED . I nak bilang bende , i tk suker simpan2 , i teros terang . Doesnt mean i baru 14 going 15 this year , i tk pandai nak speak up and i takot ngan org2 pat luar tu kay . Hee . So , kalau u maseh tk puas hati ngan aper i tules or maseh ader questions yg MEMBERATKAN Hati u pasal alip , then im speechless . I suggest u gy mataer ngan Alip Felani ; who knows la kan , he 's the RIGHT ONE FOR YOU . kekeke . ^,^ Kaykay , i hope there 's no more conflicts hidden . & i tau u mesti tk suker i lepas bace ni kankan ? Heh . I tk kesah u nak bagy sesape bace ni , kalau boleh , kasi la org2 yg misunderstood psal i bace ni bende kay . P/S ; Im not the type that LOVES being NASTY to people , if u wouldnt treat me this way , i think i could be reallyreally nice to you , Frankly speaking . ;DD I gyni bile org misunderstood pasal i aje , other than that , i could be a reallyreally nice person , i could say . Heee . Kaykay , Im gonna end this Post . I hope i had satisfy your NEEDS ; NADIA NOAH . :D Toodlessss ! ^,^


♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 4:10 AM

Monday, January 10, 2011, @ 1:27 AM

Alright , i so so freaking Exhausted for these past few days due to school . Been sleeping early & stuffs && i've been spending a very little time with Bhy . Awww , I swear i miss him like truckloads man . Bhy , meetup real soon ohkay . )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))';
So , there 's loads of homework & im dying to complete dem , actually not really uh , heeeeeee . >,<
I seriously hope this year would be a good year for me man & i seriously wana throw away my lazy-NESS attitude , like seriously , its distracting me pretty much , urgh !
kk , so , last Sat , DEC had our rehearsal for the O.U.R.S thingy , shall say it was freaking awesome ! get interviewed and all , weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! ;D


♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 1:27 AM

Sunday, January 2, 2011, @ 9:55 PM

Whenever you made a mistake ,
you asked me to easily forgive me & forget bout everything in just a blink , saying that i over-reacted with just that lil prob & stuffs .
BUT when it is my turn to make a mistake , you dont even have the guts to forgive me at all .
&& i bet your mistakes was Worst than mine .
But whatever it is , i still would like to tell you that i love you .



♥baby don't you hit my heart
@ 9:55 PM